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Quick Note; Some patient are only able to use one hand and pull straps in one direction. Our Conversion to Hook and Loop that are specifically made and attached according to each client's ability.

Lace or Strap Style Hook and Loop Closure 
can be design to pull in any direction even the same direction
Example #1
Lace Hook and Loop Closure
 Added To Footwear.
We Offer Several Different 
Hook and Loop Closures Systems 
Example #2 Hook and Loop 
 Added To Footwear.

Tying Your Own Shoe Difficult

We Can Convert Your Shoes That Have Laces Into a Hook and Loop Closure System Specifically Design For Your Shoes.

This May Help Persons That Have Paralyses from Arthritis, Stroke or Accident and Have Trouble Using Their Hands to Tie Their Own Footwear. 

Function: Easy of securing footwear with out tying shoelaces.

Goal: Self Reliance, Allowing individual the ability to put on their own footwear. Promotes Independent Living!


1. Ankles support.

2. Promotes balance.

3. Secured footwear helps to stop tripping 
  and falling.​

Bring or Mail Your Shoes To Lift Me LeveL
And We Will Modify Them For You

One Type: of Hook and Loop Closures
 is known as the

Hook and Loop Closure System 

(Fig.1) This method give the footwear the appearance that they are hand tied. This is a very popular style of adding Hook and Loop to Footwear.
Second Type: of Hook and Loop Closure is known as the

Strap and Loop Type System 

(Fig 2) These strap come with a metal loop which the strap will be pull through. This set up will allow a individual to tighten there footwear to their desired tightness. 

Third Type:  of Hook and Loop Closure is known as the: 

Strap No Metal Loop System 

This Hook and Loop strap type is like the second type but has no metal loop. Good for a person that can still strap their own shoes on. However this person does not walk or only walks very little.

Note:for both Hook and Loop strap styles: The strap ​can be made in different length an widths. Some style of footwear many only need one strap were some footwear may require multiple straps.

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However, beginning the week of April 24th.
We will no longer be taking in any new work order request.

After 30 days of trying to notifing you to Pick-Up your completed work order. Shocanics, LLC or will not be responsible for your footwear or items.

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On June 1st 2023 we will be closing our doors and our websites and for the business permanently.

We wish the best to all in your future footwear endeavors.

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