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Specific Selected Rocker Sole Can Help Individual Return to Their Normal Life Passions. 
Fig 1.
Solid Ankle Cushion Heel or S.A.C.H.​ - See Fig2. 

Prescribed: For individual that have Ankle, Joint or Bone Pain from ambulating (walking) caused by heel strike. .

Function: S.A.C.H. Heel Dampen Heel Strike and works like a Shock Absorber on an automobile.

Goal:  Cushion Heel Strike during ambulating from heel to toe. Controled Rapid Plantar Flexion.


1. Dampen impact to skeletal structure particularly in      heel: ankle, foot, leg, hip and spine

2. Can help stop possible deterioration of Ligaments,      Cartilage Tendon and Bone.

3. May prevent re-injury

4. Promotes Healing

5. Alleviates Stress on effected area
Fig 2.
Extended Spring Steel

This Is a Forefoot Rocker Sole Shoe Modification

Sandwich Between the Athletic Shoe & the Forefoot Rocker Sole
is the S.A.C.H. Heel and Extended Spring Steel 
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(Greatly Enhance) the Selected Specialize Rocker Soles
Addition #1 
Extended Spring Steel 
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Extended Spring Steel 
Works as a Sole Stiffener - See Fig1.

We use Extended Spring Steel - In this photo you see the long or Extended Spring Steel. This item enhances the amount of rigidity in the footwear

Extended Spring Steel Has Some Spring to It. This is a good thing! As you know as you walk the first thing that happen is your heel strikes the ground. You then come up on the ball of your foot and then you come Up Off Your Toes. This is were the ESS also comes in to play. Extended Spring Steel will Accelerate Lift from the Mid-Foot and With a Controlled Spring - Lift at Toe Off.

This is important when there's a need to Limit Movement in the Ankle or Over All Foot, especially after an Ankle, Foot Surgery or even Treating Arthritic Foot Pain or any other Foot Condition that Merits a Specialized Rocker Sole with Extended Spring Steel.
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Addition #2
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Heel to Toe Rocker Sole - Added
Fused Ankle , Partial Amputation , Limited Ankle Motion, This Heel to Toe Rocker Sole is designed to Stabilizes, Decreases Heel Strike and Add Controlled Acceleration at Toe Off.
Mid-Foot Rocker Sole  -  Added 
Picture add description to be added
Examples Of  Specialized Rocker Soles 
We have added to are customers Shoes & Boots
Metatarsalgia , Ulceration , Hallux Rigidus Big Toe Pain and or Forefoot Lesions. This Forefoot Rocker Sole is designed to Off Load Ground Reactive Force on the Forefoot and add Smooth Acceleration at Toe Off.
Forefoot Rocker Sole  -  added 
Specialized Rocker Sole's 
added to your favorite shoes or boots

  • Prescribed: Post-Opt Surgery for persons who have 
  • Limited Motion in Ankle
  • No Motion in  Ankle
  • Ulceration Mid-Foot of Fore Foot Area 
  • Mid-Foot Pain 
  • Big Toe Pain.

Type of Special Rocker Soles and Function

  • Heel to Toe Rocker Sole 
  • Forefoot Rocker Sole 
  • Mid-Foot Rocker Sole

       Goal: Pain Free Walking, Stability and Controlled Motion from Heel Strike to Toe off. Providing Smooth and Pain Free Walking. 

  • Relieve pain 
  • Adds motion
  • Stops Re-injury
  • Promotes Healing
  • Alleviate Stress in Problem Area

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