(Fig.6) Is another example of a finger loop added. When a person is not able to grab and pull the strap, a finger loop can be add so they can use their finger to pull.
Finger Loop 
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Lace Style Velcro Closure
 Added To Footwear.
There are different variations of Velcro Closures. One type of Velcro Closures is known as the strap type ( bottom Fig.1).

These strap can be made in different length an widths. Some style of footwear many only need one strap, were some application may require multiple straps.

In (Fig.2,3 & 4 to your right) you'll see another type of Velcro Closures, called the Lace Velcro Closures System. 

This method give the footwear the appearance that they are hand tied. This is a very popular style of adding Velcro Closures.

We have other Addition such as (Fig.5)  adding finger loops to the back of the footwear. This application helps an individual to pull their footwear on.

Finger Pull Loop Fig.5
Add to the back of your footwear.
 For the ease of pulling on your shoes.
Strap Type Velcro Closures Fig.1
Lace Type Velcro Closures above Fig.2 Fig.3 Fig.4
Lace Style Velcro Closure
Velcro Closures 
Promotes Independent Living!
Quick Note; Some patient are only able to use one hand and pull straps in one direction. Our Velcro Straps are specifically made and attached according to each client's ability.

Lace or Strap Style Velcro Closure 
can be design to pull in any direction even the same direction
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Prescribed; Patients, who have Paralyses from Arthritis, Stroke or Accident and have trouble using their hands to tie their footwear, Velcro Straps will allow patients the ability to fasten thier own footwear.

Function; Easy of Securing Footwear with out tying shoelaces.

Goal; Self Reliance, Allowing individual the ability to put on thier own footwear. Promotes independent Living!

1. Ankles support.

2. Promotes balance.

3. Secured footwear helps to stop tripping 
    and falling.

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