Prescribed: Post-opt surgery for persons who have Limited Motion or no Motion in their Ankle,Knee or Hips. 

1. Forefoot Rocker Sole Off Loading Weight at Metatarsal (Treating Capsulitis,Hallux,Limitus and Metatarsalgia).

2. Heel to Toe Rocker Sole Adding Motion where there is Limited Motion or no Motion at ankle or Midfoot .Also add S.A.C.H. Heel  to reducing stress at Heel Strike. (Treating Ankle Fusion,Forefoot Ulceration, Charcot).

3. Rocker Soles also help Relieve Metatarsal Pain.

Goal: Stability and Controlled Motion from Heel strike to Toe off. Smooth and Pain Free Ambulating,  

1. Adds motion

2. Stops Re-injury

3. Promotes Healing

4. Alleviate Stress on effected Area

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Off Loading Weight
or Adding Motion 
Where There Is Limited Motion
 Or No Motion.     
Rocker Soles
Add and Control Motion
How do we transform footwear into a rocker sole, or a more aggressive type of rocker sole? First we will remove the original sole. Fig.1

Our second task involves choosing the appropriate material to craft the Rocker Sole. Fig.2

There's are other options, if the client is not allowed to have any motion in his foot especially in their ankle.
We are able to add additional control and stability by adding materials such as but not limited to spring steel for a ridged application. Fig.3

Some application requires a material called S.A.C.H. short for solid ankle cushion heel. S.A.C.H. acts just like a shock absorber in a automobile. Shock absorbers decreases, controls motion and trauma during impact. This absorption can be a key factor for wellness in individual that has pain at heel strike during ambulation (walking).

 You can see this light color material in the heel of the shoe.Fig.5 or Fig.6 When this job is complete the S.A.C.H. will be dyed to match the footwear.

Fig. 3
Fig. 2
 Forefoot Rocker Sole -  Added
 (Completed transformation see Fig.7)
Forefoot Rocker Sole  -  Added 
 Forefoot Rocker
 (Optional components Fig.3 - Fig.5 - Fig.6)
Heel to Toe Rocker Sole - Added
Symbol marking fulcrum; 

Dictionary explanation of a fulcrum - "An anatomical structure that acts as a hinge or a point of support." 

Added Rocker Sole modifications
act as hinges or pivot points to relieve or dampen pain by giving support, facilitating limited or lost motion in the foot or ankle.

Double Rocker Sole  -  Added
 (Picture to be added here shortly)
Mid Foot Rocker Sole -  Added 
with S.A.C.H. an added shank 
Negative Heel Rocker Sole -  Added 
 (Picture to be added )
Rocker Bar Sole -  Added
 (Picture to be added )
Toe Only Rocker Sole -  Added 
 (Picture to be added)
Severe Angle Rocker Sole -  Added 
 (Picture to be added )
Mild Rocker Sole -  Added  
 (Picture to be added )
Metatarsalgia,_Ulceration._ Hallux Rigidus and Forefoot Lesions_ This rocker is designed to off load  ground reactive force on the forefoot.Adding smooth Acceleration at toe off.
Fused Ankle _ Partial Amputation_Limited Ankle Motion_  This rocker is designed to stabilizes, decreases heel strike and adds controlled Acceleration at toe off.
Work wonders for fused ankles, Limited ankle motion and partial foot amputations. 
Stabilizes, decreases heel strike plus adds controlled Acceleration at toe off.
Fused Ankles, 
Limited Ankle Motion

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Metatarsal Pain, Discomfort 

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 an additions to your  footwear that can help
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Add Wedge, Flares or Buttress

Support and 
Control The Roll
Tying Your Shoe Difficult

Velcro Closure
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3 Types Available
Shoe Lift

Lift, Level, Stabilize, Realign Bring Comfort to The Body

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Diabetic Footwear
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